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Do you know the band Survive Said the Prophet (SSTP)? The band exists since 2011. Their bilingual vocalist Yosh (Vo.) is full of charisma and has an admirable vocal power. On February 3, SSTP had a sold-out gig at MY NAVI AKASAKA BLITZ. The famous live house was filled with eager fans. When the little introduction began, the lights on top of a piano blinked and every time the light goes on and off, Yosh appeared and disappeared until all members were on stage. Tatsuya and Ivan (Gr.) on the guitars, Yudai (Ba.) on the bass and finally Show (Dr.) on drums. Yudai stood in the front, almost next to Yosh.

With an excited audience from the very beginning, SSTP showed us an energetic live that went through the band's several styles. The heavier songs like TRANSlated and Fool's gold, made the fans open a mosh pit and start crowd surfing. The extremely enjoyable tones of The Happy Song raised the voice of the whole audience. Whether it's singing or jumping, the fans were as excited as Yosh who went from one side to the other with all his charisma, exciting the fans even more.

by toya

Found & lost was the moment when the fans climbed on each other's shoulders, clapping their hands, before throwing themselves over the rest of the audience crowded in front, "swimming" to the stage. Yudai who was responsible for many parts of the songs did not hide his excitement by shouting, headbanging or simply jumping relentlessly. The subtler moments of NE:ONE did not let the energy drop, the SSTP audience was very intense, singing and accompanying the songs with clapping several times. Especially when Yosh once again played the piano for Follow, accompanied by the voice of the audience which echoed throughout the live house. "We are the light! We are the future!" took all the AKASAKA BLITZ during Spectrum and the heat is on once again when the band's latest release came. S P I N E is one of our many recommendations!


Whether running with a flag in his hands during Ashes, Ashes or sitting next to Ivan with an acoustic guitar, Yosh was extremely captivating on stage. The vocalist made an effort to interact with the audience by running across the stage and singing along with them with maximum energy. Yudai with his great personality walked with his bass in his hands, hopped over several amplifiers and interacted with Show and Tatsuya many times during the show. Ivan played the acoustic guitar several times and had fun during the show by throwing a little rattle into the audience, which ended up in the hands of a lucky fan.

by kawado

The SSTP audience also does not disappoint, whether it's jumping, mosh pits, head banging or in an intense crowd surfing. They sing along and show all their energy, that seems to captivate the band members all night long. A show with more than 20 songs was practically a gift to the fans, which did not want the live to end. But with last song Listening the band ended the night in an emotional way. SSTP made it clear that they wanted to conquer new places, bring new members into their 'family' and are ready for new challenges. The band stands out a lot for the different styles, be it a heavier rock, pop or even piano music. Also, the members show that they are extremely talented and cannot wait to show their music to the rest of the world.

SSTP is doing another long tour and if you're in Japan it's a great recommendation to include in your travel days.

More recent songs can be found on Spotify or AppleMusic, as well as videos on the band's official YouTube channel.

Our recommendation is for the band's latest album, s p a c e [s], which carries you into the vibe that is Survive Said the Prophet.

More information:

・s p a c e [ s ]
01. T R A N S l a t e d
02. Fool's gold
03. HI | LO
04. The Happy Song
05. Subtraction
06. Right and Left
07. Tierra
08. found & lost
09. Bandaid
10. Let it die
・p a c e s [ s ]
11. NE:ONE
12. Follow
13. Spectrum
14. S P I N E
15. Ashes, Ashes
16. If You Really Want To
17. 3 a.m.
19. s t i l l b e l i e v e
20. When I
21. Conscious
22. Network System
・[ ]
en01. Heroine
en02. Bridges
en03. Listening


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