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Starting their most recent tour at small live houses throughout Japan, the GazettE dominated the EBISU LIQUIDROOM on 5th February. The band is known for dragging more than 10,000 fans around Japan during their tours, but this time they face places with a maximum capacity of 900 people.

The lucky fans who got tickets hid from the cold at the tiny live house, eager and not concealing their excitement the second 99.999 started playing. The thunderous sound of the music made the whole place shake as the members entered one by one, the screams of the audience making it clear that the night was going to be intense. the GazettE showed us a new look, different from what we saw during PHASE#01 and PHASE#02, which was the clothing used in the Falling video clip, the first song of the night by the way. Fans have already thrown themselves into a headbang, practically a warm-up, so they could show us the sight of flying hair and shaking heads soon afterward during NINTH ODD SMELL. It didn't stop there, GUSH kept the energy high and it was with VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB that the fans acclaimed while clapping hands together with RUKI, who as always went from one side of the small stage to the other, encouraging his fans to give even more energy, jumping and headbanging with the crowd.

Still going through past albums, GABRIEL ON THE GALLOWS was the moment for the fans to show their voices singing the chorus with RUKI, who always is surprised when he hears the crowd voice. URUHA was taken by the heat of the live house and didn't refuse to headbang with everyone, as well as AOI, who had fun teasing people close to him. Without any rest, 裏切る舌 (Uragiru Bero) came to pull out a little more of the EBISU that night, who soon was taken by the energy of BABYLON'S TABOO and THE MORTAL. The small space did not prevent the two guitarists from competing to see who caught more attention, each one banging their heads or dancing on their side of the stage while RUKI took the center, enjoying the place being taken by the crowd clapping in the rhythm of the music. REITA was almost on the floor as he played his bass with enthusiasm, slapping it like crazy, which joined with KAI’s drums making the whole house tremble. The surprise was due to RUKI's 'cage' of lasers during THE MORTAL. The effect was there, proving to be an essential part of the performance and that the band demands to take it even to tighter spaces.

The short pause with famous ballads like VACANT served for the public to recover a little bit before a cruel sequence. When the subject is headbanging, the GazettE does not disappoint, after all. TWO OF A KIND, ATTITUDE and ABHOR GOD is a sequence to rip anyone's head off. The crowd showed all their energy during the introduction of ATTITUDE. REITA encouraged the fans to shout even more and URUHA even got down, close to the fans in the front, so he could hear everyone better. The whole EBISU was filled with shouts of "UNTIL DIE" and " BREAK! BREAK! BREAK!". On the other hand, RUKI showed us his dance skills in ABHOR GOD, amusing the audience who was caught unaware. DISCHARGE got out some screams of surprise and anxiety from everyone, but with all the GazettE joining the headbang it was impossible to stand still.

KAI was the first to return to the stage after the encore shouts and sitting on his drums, which seemed more compact than normal, he commented a bit about the night. "Come closer, even if you have to swim here!" The words ripped out laughs from everyone present as the drummer insisted on staging the situation, moving his arms as if he was swimming, but he meant swimming over the audience. Laughing aside, the 4 members, REITA, AOI, URUHA, and KAI, were in charge of heating EBISU for a few more songs. Similar to Ride with the Rockers, GO TO HELL brought REITA to the middle of the stage to scream and make the audience interact with him, even the bassist was not afraid of approaching the fans closest to the stage to enjoy more of the energy from everyone.

赤いワンピース (Akai One Piece) brought the furis back, but it was with [DIS], a song from 2003, that the band surprised everyone. However, the audience also showed RUKI that they were not there to joke around and started to sing right after the vocalist, who was astonished and let the fans take the lead of the show during this nostalgic song. The members of the GazettE didn't hide their amazement and excitement seeing everyone jumping and singing with such energy, and this time it was the fans who rocked the EBISU and even with UGLY coming next, the audience did not disappoint the band a single minute, screaming and headbanging without fear the whole live.

The tour 激情は獰猛~GEKIJOU WA DOUMOU, affectionately called PHASE#03 by the fans, brings a more intimate feel between the band and its audience. Several times you could see RUKI calling for fans to come to the surfing crowd, and those who were "swimming" over the crowd ended up with a splash of water on their faces, which with the intense heat inside was almost a treat. At other times the vocalist was having fun doing high five with the audience crowded in the front row. URUHA also was not afraid to step down from the stage for a moment and interact with his fans, headbanging together and letting them touch him.

Whether it's at the back or the front row, no matter where you decide to stay, the word for this tour is “Go wild”, be it headbanging, jumping, screaming or "swimming" over the crowd, just enjoy and have fun with the GazettE.

Although limited with little space and little equipment, the Gazette can deliver very high-quality performance, like their previous tours in larger live houses. Without some special effects, of course, but equally strong and making it look like the place is too small to withstand so much energy. Little space and a lot of excitement are the two definitions of this tour, which still faces much smaller places than EBISU LIQUIDROOM, however, this is how the members showed us that the important thing is not the size but the skill you have. KAI is a perfect example, even with his drum set being limited he has presented songs from the band's career in a very intense and thunderous way.

the GazettE continues with PHASE#03 and performs in even smaller venues, but they do not stop there and still goes this year on a world tour, from the United States to Russia.

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SE 99.999

  1. Falling
  3. GUSH
  6. 裏切る舌 ( Uragiru Bero)
  9. 虚蜩 ( Utsu Semi )
  10. その声は脆 ( Sono Koe Wa Moroku )


EN.2 赤いワンピース (Akai One Piece)
EN.3 Psychedelic Heroine
EN.4 [DIS]


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