text: Suzuki Kayomi / redaction: Manoella Cardoso / Photo: Toshikazu Oguruma and Hideaki Imamoto

On March 10th the Shin-Yokohama region was taken by シド (SID) fans, all looking forward to the show marking the band's 15th anniversary. For those who do not remember very well, the quartet consists of MAO on vocal, SHINJI on guitar, AKI on bass and YUYA on drums. In addition, they are responsible for countless anime songs famous all over the world.

With YOKOHAMA ARENA filled with over 10,000 enthusiastic fans, the lights went out and a movie began to play on the huge screen at the back of the stage. A flying ship would be transporting us on a long trip back in time during that night. The members emerged from the back of the stage and were met with shouts of excitement and clapping of the public, that continued when NO LDK started the show. ANNIVERSARY was the song that showed us how the members were also excited that night. AKI went to the sides of the stage to interact with part of the audience, that since the beginning made their voices took the arena, making it clear that that night would be incredible. MAO also wanted to greet his fans and, passing the 'fence' that was on one side of the stage, he walked around the arena while singing and greeting everyone, all without losing the rhythm of V.I.P. And if you have already watched the anime MAGI, you sure know this song.

モノクロのキス (Monochrome no Kiss), used in the opening of the anime Kuroshitsuji, began to bring the nostalgic feeling inside everyone. The silent arena allowed SHINJI, AKI and YUYA to fill the place with a very well composed instrumental, besides the voice of MAO that complemented everything and brought us a warm feeling in our hearts with such emotional songs like (Uso), well known for having been the ending of the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. But that was not all, SID went back in time even further, going to 2006 with ホソイコエ (Hosoi Koe), a song that allowed us to appreciate the performance of the band which meld perfectly with the background video, showing mountains covered with snow, complementing, even more, the mood surrounding the audience at that moment. The weather started to warm up and like the sun after the storm, 2目の彼女 (2dome no Kanojo) prepared us for what came next: Spring. And with ハナビラ (Hanabira) MAO told us a sad romance story that came along with the stage turning pink like the flying cherry petals in this season.


But SID does not live just with melodic and emotional songs, dummy was received with excitement by the public, who showed that they also knew how to party. Screaming and jumping they were even more agitated with the presence of SHINJI, who had fun going from one side of the stage to another, interacting and playing close to the audience. MAO also risked going to his fans and extended the microphone to them to shout during the song. 隣人 (Rinjin) kept the audience in that mood of mess and fun, especially when the music briefly paused so that everyone could scream for their favorite members.

And if you think SID fans do not know how to headbang, that's where you are wrong. Excited with プロポーズ (Propose), a 2007 song from Natsukoi's single, the audience kept the same energy to 眩暈 (Memai). The surprise of the night was the fire in front of the stage during the song, which was following SHINJI’s guitar rhythm, and the guitarist showed all his excitement and skill at this very rock and roll moment, especially during the amazing solo.

As the evening started to end, SID members returned to the stage for the encore and it was funny to see how each one had a different style of clothing. AKI risked the simplest look with just a normal T-shirt, YUYA decided to go for something more casual with a cardigan, while SHINJI came in a much more formal style wearing a suit and tie, which is quite typical of the guitarist. And at last, MAO was wearing something more 'stylish': a white hat and a black coat with fur on the collar and sleeves. Amidst the fun of each SID member's style, MAO got the public attention when he announced that they would play a new song. 君色の朝 (Kimiiro no Asa) showed us a bit of what SID might still come up with. Very well composed melodies are always present in the quartet's songs, which ended the night with nothing more than その未来へ (Sono Miraie). YOKOHAMA ARENA was taken over by the public voices once again while they sang the chorus with MAO in a moment that was beautiful to watch, bringing a shiver to anyone. Even the vocalist could not stand the sight of the fan-filled arena, so different from years ago, and with a thank you to the members, the audience, the staffs and all the team behind him, MAO said goodbye to everyone with tears in his eyes.

Exciting and nostalgic, SID's 15th birthday has shown us that a live can be enjoined in many different ways. With well-composed melodies, a powerful vocal and an impressive percussion work done by YUUYA and his drums, SID showed all their talent in an incredible final able to amaze any music lover. Just as the flying ship headed for a bright new future, SID also moves on to new adventures: a tour for the ID-S members, and a special collaboration tour with other artists. This is just the beginning, and we cannot wait to see what new places SID can reach.

You can listen to our playlist with the live setlist songs (except the new song) on SPOTIFY and APPLE MUSIC.

For more information: https://sid-web.info/


  1. NO LDK
  3. V.I.P
  4. cosmetic
  6. 罠 (Wana)
  7. モノクロのキス (Monochrome no Kiss)
  8. 嘘 (Uso)
  9. ホソイコエ (Hosoi Koe)
  10. 2℃目の彼女 (2dome no Kanojyo)
  11. スノウ (Snow)
  12. ハナビラ (Hanabira)
  13. dummy
  14. 隣人 (Rinjin)
  15. プロポーズ (Propose)
  16. 眩暈 (Memai)


en1. 空の便箋、空への手紙 (Kara no binsen, Sora he no Tegami)

en2. 君色の朝 (Kimiiro no Asa)  (NEW SONG)

en3. 循環 (Junkan)

en4. Dear Tokyo

en5. one way

en6. その未来へ (Sono Miraie)



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