text: Chris / Photo: MAN WITH A MISSION Official

It’s been nearly four years since the last tour of MAN WITH A MISSION in Germany. On 7th of March 2019, they had their comeback live at the Helios37 in Cologne. The audience was dominated by guys, which were as eager as their female fans.
After a good warm up with the opening act BIRU BABY, the audience welcomed MAN WITH A MISSION on stage. And directly from the beginning not only the fans but also the members were hyped. Cologne was the first sold-out gig of the band, which was also mentioned by the band themself.

The atmosphere during the whole live was amazing. The fans didn’t hesitate to show their
excitement for the band by waving their hands from left to right, singing along, clapping or
jumping. More than once they formed a mosh pit in the small live house.
During the whole live the band interacted with their audience. Between the song the band
had small MC’s and told their fans how grateful they were for being back in Cologne and
having a sold-out gig. They also asked the audience if any of them saw MAN WITH A
MISSION for the first time live and nearly the whole audience raised their hands.

Directly after the main part, the fans shouted ENCORE in German and Japanese and clapped their hands. In the background, the band showed small live video clips from their tours in Japan. Compared to the huge locations in their home country, Cologne had a very personal atmosphere.

The encore was as awesome as the main act. Even though the small live house was pretty hot the band and fans gave everything during the second part of the live. During the MC the band mentioned that they were thankful for all of their fan, because they made their dream of making music and touring come true.

MAN WITH A MISSION are a band with a unique concept. Not only visual, but also music
wise. They for sure know how to make their audience rocking. Furthermore, they clearly
showed their fans how much they are appreciated.

The wolves from Tokyo still continue on tour with extra lives all across Japan. Also, they are going back to the UK for the famous DOWNLOAD festival, which also had a Japan version where MAN WITH A MISSION was present.

You can listen to MAN WITH A MISSION on Spotify and Apple Music.

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